I am a huge fan of Jill's fabulous jewelry! Over the past 15 years I've see her grow from a really good jewelry artist into an exceptionally talented one.
I love watching new ideas develop into beautiful creations I can't wait to wear! I often get compliments on my jewelry from complete strangers, as well as friends who ask, "ooh, is that a new Jill piece?"  My collection grows every year, but I still cherish every piece she's made for me.   Here is one of my favorites!


I love Jill’s jewelry!  From the first bracelet that I bought years ago, to the silver necklace she recently created for me, I have found her work to be comfortable and beautiful to wear with both casual and dressy looks.   Her unique use of materials and design elicit compliments every time I wear her creations.  Besides being a gifted artist, she was patient and helpful in offering suggestions as we worked out the final look of my custom necklace.  My collection of Jill’s jewelry will surely continue to grow!


My daughter requested a special bracelet to give me on Valentine's Day. I'm wearing it today as I do everyday...all of Jill"s jewelry is stunning and beautiful, definitely first class...I love the bracelet because it has a blue gem stone with the blue bird of happiness, a little heart and a small disc with the names of Deb, my daughter and Bill, my son. I absolutely love it and have my kids "close to me".
The quality in the pieces she makes whether it be earrings, necklaces or bracelets is always beautiful. She takes great pride in what she does and it shows in her work.



My Jill Griffin pearl necklace is my go to piece of jewelry. It’s as demure as it is bold. I can wear it confidently with jeans or even a suit. I get so many compliments wearing it I just had to have a second piece in a different color!